Current Projects

A digital media platform for finding funeral related venues from churches and mosques to hotels and golf clubs for reception/wake venues. The website also provides excellent advice and guidance on every aspect of bereavement from arranging the funeral to sorting out the financial matters. The editorial information included on this website is currently being used by the health service to train bereavement staff.   

  Uk Funeral Reception Directory

4Media are publishing the very first funeral reception directory for the UK which will be launched January 2014 and be utilised by funeral directors, crematorium staff and all Places of Worship nationwide to assist bereaved families find their ideal funeral reception venue. The directory will be referenced by county and proximity to each crematorium and highlight with photographs and editorial the facilities and capabilities of each venue, giving the reader an informed overview of what is suitable to them within a specific region.


Pets4Life is an innovative printed magazine for new pet owners. It provides essential information, expert advice and entertaining features about how best to care for your pet. Distributed nationwide to new pet owners as they register at their local vets, it is uniquely placed to introduce products and foster brand loyalty in pet owners who are new to the marketplace.


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